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Accessories and packaging

    1213Gift/shipping box

    1223gift/shipping box

  • 1277Reusable 1 piece ECO Straw Set stainless-steel straw

  • 1298Kambukka® Giftbox Small

  • 1299Kambukka® Giftbox Large

  • 1386ECO RVS 4 pieces ECO Straw Set stainless-steel straws

  • 1485Kambukka® Tea Catcher tea infuser

  • 1487Kambukka® Queen of Clean cleaning tablets

    1811Gift Box Kraft Paper Drinking Bottle packaging

  • 2152Bottle Brush for bottles

  • 2654ECO Bamboe Straw Set bamboo straws

  • 4210Contigo® TEA Inf. tea-strainer

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